Polka Dot Passion

polka dot tights from American Apparel, $25

I have a love-hate relationship with these tights. They're really cute and I received so many compliments while I was wearing them BUT they cost $25 and ripped the first time I pulled them on. There's a huge run down the inside of one of the legs! Fortunately, the run ends above my knee, so I can still wear them with longer skirts and dresses. I put a ton of clear nail polish on the run to keep it from getting any bigger, but I'll have to be really careful the next time I wear them.

Here's the reason I decided to buy these tights...

Isn't this outfit adorable? Jen writes one of my favorite blogs, Her Waise Choice, and is always wearing the perfect combination of classic and quirky. I definitely recommend checking out her blog for some serious outfit inspiration.

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